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Real Estate Closings

When it comes to real estate closings we are the experts. There are many steps that have to be taken to ensure a successful transaction and each step has the potential for errors or risks. You need an expert in your corner to ensure everything is handled according to the law.

Steps in the closing process

1. Sales contract

You usually start this process by signing a sales contract. You’ll also include a deposit check and send the contract to a closing agent. The check will be kept by an escrow agent who will make a title order.

2. Title search

As the file is processed, all relevant records such as tax, loans ,survey ,maintenance fees, legal papers and inspection reports are scrutinized to ensure they are in order. The agent will also do a title search.

A title search involves an examination of records pertaining to the ownership and obligations against the title, these include mortgages, deeds, paving assessments, divorce settlements, wills, liens and other such relevant documents The purpose of a search is to establish that the property is transferable without any liabilities or hindrances to its title.

3. Review of terms

The closing agent reviews the requirements and proposals that may be tabled by other parties in the transaction and sets a timeline for the closing. If you are getting some financing for your purchase, the closing agent will also examine the new financiers terms.

4. Closing the deal

Once all the details that would scupper the deal have been worked out, the escrow agent finalizes or closes the deal. All fees related to the transaction are settled at this point. Closing will involve the seller signing the closing affidavit as well as the deed.

Disputes and hitches

The closing process is usually smooth but once in a while a hitch may arise. I t may be a small dispute about the property or some discrepancy in the records. It is during these times that you will know whether you chose the best or worst real estate services.

Your closing agent can handle and mediate disputes between you and the seller to ensure your interests are protected.


While buying usually offers the greatest point of risk in a real estate transaction, you are not yet out of the woods on closing the deal. Your property needs protection.

Title insurance

The reason for of real estate title services is to ensure you are not liable for any claims that may be made against your property once you have bought it. The main difference between title insurance and other insurance policies is the fee. You pay a one-time fee.

For you to get this insurance the following will be scrutinized:

  • Deeds will and trusts for any omissions or errors
  • Any payment owed by the property, whether mortgages, judgements or liens.
  • Erroneous notary acknowledgements as well as any legal actions the property is facing.
  • Any other factors that impede transfer of the title.

Homeowners insurance

A title insurance is not sufficient cover. The house still faces risks like fire and burglary. For this reason you need to get the best policy where you are fully protected without paying over the roof. To be fully secure you’ll need to get this policy.

Be safe

Whether you are thinking of a condo, a mansion or an apartment, you are spending what you have sweated for, it is prudent to protect your property by engaging a reputable and competent company that offers real estate title services.

At Alpine Legal Title we offer expertise in every area of real estate closings, title insurance and escrow services. Give our office a call at 801-883-9499 to set up a free consultation or just to ask a question.

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