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Can I choose my own Title Insurance company or do I have to use the one my real estate agent recommends?
Yes, you have the right to choose your own Title Insurance Company. There are good title insurance companies out there and there are bad ones. If you happen to get a bad one with poor financial stability you could face a title claim years down the road. It's important to do your homework and find a good one with a proven track record and one with in-house legal expertise.
Why should I choose Alpine Legal Title?
With over 17 years of experience as an attorney I have seen and dealt with every type of problem or claim that can arise and know how to avoid them. Most title insurance companies have an attorney they can consult when needed but few have an attorney on staff who knows the law when it comes to real estate transactions, title claims and escrow services.
What services to you offer?
Real estate transactions closings, Title insurance, Escrow services.
Why is having an attorney work on my transaction important?
In almost every transaction unexpected issues, questions or problems arise that require legal expertise. When this happens, most title insurance companies have to consult with an attorney. With Alpine Legal Title, we ARE attorneys and know how to handle the issues as the arise saving you time and money and preventing future problems.
What will the title insurance company do for me?
Our legal experts will perform a title search to verify ownership and to identify any possible claims or issues on a title. The result will show if the seller has the right to sell, indicated by ownership, and indicated any problems; ie: Liens, etc., that need to be resolved or acknowledged by the buyer before transfer of property. Knowing and dealing with these issues before the transaction takes place protects the buyer and the lender from future claims and associated costs and ensures a smooth real estate transaction.
What are some of the title hazards that can be found during a title search?
  1. Relatives or heirs with superseding claims
  2. Fraud or misrepresentation
  3. Liens
  4. Easements
  5. IRS claims
What are the benefits of title insurance for the owner?
Owners' title insurance protects you against defects in the title to your property which originate prior to the policy date. While lenders often require property owners to purchase the lender's title insurance to protect their interests, property owners must purchase a separate owner policy to protect themselves from covered losses- including court costs and attorney's fees that could result from title defects.

Most people don't realize that nearly a billion dollars in claims are paid every year in the industry due to defects in the title. An owner’s policy involves a one-time premium for coverage that lasts as long as you own your property or are liable under warranties after selling. The only time it may be necessary to purchase additional coverage is when the value of the insured property has increased significantly since the date of the original policy.
What are benefits of Title Insurance for the Lender
Lender’s title insurance insures that the lender's lien is valid and in the intended lien position, and that title to property is as shown on the policy. Lender’s title insurance protects against title defects which originate prior to the date of the policy.
Does Alpine Legal Title offer title insurance for Commercial property?
Yes. Our commercial customers benefit from the expert underwriting and management of complex commercial real estate transactions through our in-house commercial services professional who is also a licensed attorney. We coordinate multi-site and multi-state transactions, title searches, products, and pre- and post-closing services—all through a single point of contact.

We understand the rates and products available in order to offer the most comprehensive, cost-effective coverage.
What is Escrow and why do I need it?
Escrow is a service in which a neutral party handles documents and monies, related to the Real Estate transaction for a fee. In escrow, all parties involved give their instructions to the escrow company which holds all kinds of documents until these instructions are completed.

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you want assurance that no funds or property will exchange hands until all instructions have been followed. Escrow will guarantee this.